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[Towny] [Vanilla] [Skyblock] Towny: - Rankup by playing on the serve...


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● Factions PVP ( ● Factions ) ( ● Raiding ) ( ● Pets ) ( ...


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[Factions, MCMMO, PVP, Survival(With Tardis), Creative, SGames, and MORE...

Survival Classic Creative Tekkit Vanilla Vanilla+ Bukkit
Whitelist No Whitelist PvE PvP Roleplay Anarchy Jail
YouTube Spout Factions Hunger Games Hardcore McMMO CTF
Voltz Cracked Skyblock Feed the Beast Economy Adventure Mode

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The Best Minecraft Server List

We strive to be the best Minecraft Server List that has the most populated Minecraft servers. There are a ton of different servers for Minecraft and it can be really difficult for players to find a server to play on. This is where Minecraft Server Finder comes in! Check out our server list and find a server that looks fun to you! Are you looking for a survival server? Perhaps a Hunger Games server? Take your time and enjoy the search!

How Does This Site Work?

We rank our servers based on their popularity. Players come from their favourite server every day to cast their vote. The servers with the most votes can be found on our front page, listed from the most to least popular. It’s every server’s goal to get the most votes and to have their Minecraft Server stand out from the rest. This site is designed to attract players and help them find a new Minecraft home.