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Wind Point introduces you to a wild and crazy world of dangerous adventure and challenge. With a wide variety of personalities, challenges and tasks to complete you'll find it hard to say you've done it all. You'll find yourself toe to toe with powerful, certain death encounters in each of our available 'realms'. Dangerous dragons who require great feats of powerful armies to conquer and bring down for it's glorious rewards. Wild and Daring Withers that roam freely at will through-out a land from where the Fire Born Orc call home, The Nether. Giants that emerge from the great hills, bringing their massive armies of destruction unto only the bravest, and most daring of challengers. Find yourself in life or death combat, head to head against the Infernal touched monsters that roam wildly at night and terrorize even the most timid of inhabitants. You will start your journey with us by choosing which Race best represents you, and the Class you feel best suited for your play-style. Are you a fierce and savage Fenrir, lusting for blood and combat? Perhaps you are a Ranat, who prefers to stand away from the front lines? Or a well rounded Elf or Dwarf who are comfortable in all aspects of combat. Then,become master of the Bow as a Hunter and travel the world with your arsenal of arrows at your disposal, or perhaps learn the art of Magic as a Priest and heal your allies in life threatening combat. Perhaps instead you are a Warrior, sworn to protect your allies in the heat of battle, sacrificing yourself so that your team may fight at their peak, or a Rogue who delights in close combat, dealing heavy damage while attempting to trick the enemy. Who you are in the world of Wind Point is up to you, your path is your own. Just remember, you are not alone! Spend your time doing a variety of things that you or the community around you may benefit from. Are you a miner, hoping to open up a shop and sell all kinds of goods to your fellow adventurers? A Farmer, seeking to provide for the weary traveller and tend to a herd of beast that provide for your lively hood? A builder who spends their time creating massive and beautiful works of architecture that has everyone in awe? Perhaps you are a fighter, spending your time out in the wilds and training your skills to reach the absolute top of our ranks! Or are you an eager adventurer, eager to find the next task or quest that will help you achieve your every goal? Though you may be a little bit of everything, curious about the world you have been introduced to and eager to learn what is out there and to take advantage of each and every opportunity you have to learn more.

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