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MTa33nZ.png Hello all non-infected users of the Bukkit world. Welcome to ZedCraft, The Zed Server. Version is 1.6.4. Bukkit 1.7.2 is NOT out yet. Server IP Address: What is ZombCraft? ZombCraft is the Zed server! It puts you right in the middle of a huge city that is full of infected, green, flesh-eating zombies that have come to rip out your brain. The server is hosted on my home computer, and we have been striving to gather enough players so we can have a decent popularity. The server also provided your user advanced weapons to fight against the zombie apocalypse, such as guns. The guns also have a texture pack to make the server a lot more... awesome? The texture pack is OPTIONAL to download, so you don't have to download it. http://www.mediafire...83114423651.zip There have been many small tweaks to the server. There have also been many small tweaks and new mechanics to various types of items and blocks. An example of this would be the new coding for ladders. Ladders can now be placed without blocks behind them, thus making them "floating." That is not the only unique tweak the server has. There are many other tweaks. You may notice them all over spawn or other various areas. Guns have also been added. Below is the complete list of guns. AK-47 Gauss Shotgun Olympia Sniper Rifle Bazooka Bazooka 5-Pack Grenade Trinket Toaster Flashbang Airstrike Hunting Rifle Carbine Rifle Deagle Python Pistol / Knife Cocopops Putty C4 Riotshield To become a permanent moderator, sign up for one of these websites. http://www.walawalag...forum/index.php http://zombcraft.webs.com/ The staff are really nice people so I guarantee not one staff member will break the rules and abuse their power and hurt you. happy.gif This is me. BmW7Cy1.png Report to me if there is a staff member or other kind of user breaking the rules. I will take care of them. JOIN NOW!

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