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#0 - Do What Ever! [FREE OP!]

Do What Ever! [FREE OP!]

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This server is packed full of plugins! EVERYONE GETS OP!.. YOU CAN EVEN OP YOURSELF ONCE YOU JOIN THE SERVER! ... Some may call it a dumb idea BUT it will keep you entertained! AND NEW MEMBERS DAILY! You can grief/troll/do what ever you want but please just try not to crash the server! Test out almost all commands! (We had to block a few commands so ppl can't ban or stop the server) BUT ITS ALL GOOD NOW! :)   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4 RULES TO FOLLOW! [1] Be Respectful to Other Players [2] Don't Crash The Server [3] Don't Spam! [4] NO GRIEFING SPAWN   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Somethings you can do for pointless fun: -Build Tnt towers and let them off! -Spawn a million mobs -Kill your fellow players -PVP -OP ANYONE YOU WANT (/op ) -MAX ENCHANT TO LEVEL 127! (/enchant) -Mob Disquise (/dis ) -Disguise As Players! (/dis player ) -Disguise As A Block! (/bd -FIND HEROBRINE! -CARZ! -DO ANYTHING YOU WISH!  -FOLLOW OUR 4 RULES -BROADCAST MESSAGES! (/say or /bcast ) -GAMEMODE! -Wear a hat??? (/hat) -Nickname yourself! (/Nick) -BUILD SOMETHING (please don't rage if someone comes along  and destroys it.. its a do what ever server) -DO WHAT EVER!! :D   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   CHECK OUT OUR ONLINE STORE (CLICK HERE) Or doing /buy in game! :D   ENJOY THE SERVER!!! :D   SERVER RANKS: [1] Newbie [2] Amateur [3] Scout [4] Bandit [5] Thief [6] Ninja [7] Assassin [8] Moderator [9] Admin   Please don't ask for ranks, it will automatically rank you after playing on the server for sometime   Custom Ranks: HACKER | GRIEFER | BUILDER | DESIGNER | BOSS Donating a Dollar can also earn you a custom rank!   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   IF YOU WHERE BANNED FOR KNOW REASON WE AND FEEL YOUR SHOULDBE UNBANNED YOU CAN CONTACT OR FOR OTHER CONTACT PURPOSES: Email: [email protected] Skype: Aqw2can2   We want to make sure everyone is satisfied with the server and keep it running smoothly :)   If you where banned and would like to be unbanned CLICK HERE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Stuff Needed to still be done: -Youtube Video -Map reset Plugin -Hunger Games? -BuyCraft! -Protect Spawn some how!   Server Powered By: BeastNode   EPIC CITY MAP! :D  

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