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Hello, Hidden Land is a new start-up server, it is a small server with big plans. We would like to expand our servers resources to accommodate new features, such as: multi-world, arenas, factions and territories; a larger community and to have enough resources so all that runs smoothly. Right now it is a bit on the vanilla side, we are running buckkit with the latest minecraft 1.6.2. We have a spawn, an underground city beneath spawn named Quartz City that is growing with new content every day. Currently players can enjoy a map that is quite different form normal. There is massive mountains, jungles, temples and all the biomes are not far from spawn. We also have the nether and the end enabled as well, with the end refreshed daily, for those dragon hunters out there. We currently are trying to run as light as possible without being too vanilla. We have, of course, our plugins for structure and control: essentials, hawkeye, and worldguard, LWC (chest/furnace protection). We also have an economy set up where players can buy/sell to the server and buy/sell with each other. The Gods plugin (optional participation) allows players to pray to 1 of 4 gods for perks and the lack of leading to feelin' the wrath. This will later be developed into factions with territories where players will fight for their gods for land, treasure, and just beating the crap out of others. On our Enjin website we have a growing store with new items added daily. Items include purchasing of in-game currency to donation tiers, property inside spawn and plot protection. Looking into the future we are working on a project called the Old Kingdom, this is a combination of arena, dungeons, parkour, puzzle, treasure plunder; where players can work together - or not - to navigate a massive underground city ravaged by war, monsters and abandonment. We would like to add some other mini games such as, arenas, build competitions, and parkour puzzles. Yes, there will be rewards for playing the mini games! Oh, and we like to leave some random built puzzle structures around, say a watchtower or ruins, that have treasure in em for looting. This is our server and path it is going to take, assuming we get enough support; we invite everyone to our humble server to come have fun, build and be part of our community. Thank you, Hidden Land - Spot2061, Npot6634, Jpot666

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