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Server IP: play.feistycreeper.net:25565
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Last updated on Thu, 26 Jul 2012

Minecraft Server Description

Welcome to the Feisty Creeper! We are a creative/survival multiverse with a focus on maintaining the original style of gameplay in our survival realm. We were born out of frustration with other servers which claimed to be vanilla, but had admins manipulating day/night cycles, flying around, and spawning valuable items for (or giving special privileges to) favored players. Now featuring a hunger games world, running the Survival Games plugin! Note: We are a greylist server. You will not be able to join in the fun until you are granted membership. Obtaining membership is easy: Just join the server and ask a moderator or admin for help becoming a member. We generally approve players within a few minutes of joining, although we sometimes get behind due to the rush when we post an ad. Please be patient and we will assist you as quickly as possible What makes the feisty creeper different? We have taken great pains to configure our server and permissions to give you a style of gameplay that is as close to the original as possible, while maintaining strong protection from griefing. There is no /home or /back. If it's night time, you'll just have to wait it out. You won't find our admins abusing their powers for advantages for themselves or others. In fact, you'll rarely find them using them at all. We maintain a low-lag environment. We have very few lag issues, and when we do, we typically detect and correct them before our players notice. Our pagers go off if the server is lagging for more than 15 minutes. We have a small, but extremely dedicated playerbase. Our active players average ~25hrs/week on the server. Some much more than that. (There are no play time requirements; people just like the server.) We have a mature playerbase: People who are either 18+, or at act like it. We have a deep, multi-layered approach to grief prevention and recovery. Your builds are safe here. We allow most mods that don't give an unfair advantage. Optifine, inventory organizers, Rei's minimap (if certain configuration guidelines are met) are generally approved. X-Ray mods or texture packs, naturally, are not. Ask the admins if you are uncertain. Rules: 1. PVP and theft are allowed, but discouraged. We are primarily focused on a PvE game. If you're looking for a server with a lot of fighting, we're probably not for you. Most of our players choose not to engage in combat, except perhaps for the occasional duel. Repeatedly killing a player without consent will be considered harassment. 2. Be respectful and mature at all times. 3. It seems like it shouldn't need to be stated, but no cheating. We have zero tolerance for x-ray and the like. If we catch you, it'll be an unequivocal ban. 4. Absolutely no griefing. And to answer some of the questions we get: No, just because it's not protected doesn't mean that destroying it wouldn't be considered griefing. Yes, you can get banned griefing the wilderness. Also, breaking the bottom layer of bedrock in the creative worlds is likely to seriously irritate the administration. 5. Don't be an asshat.

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