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Server IP: play.phantomcraft.net
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Last updated on Sat, 22 Sep 2012

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PhantomCraft - That one minecraft server that refuses to stop running   Hostnames: play.phantomcraft.net | Main Survival  burst.phantomcraft.net | Themed/Event Server   Where to reach us: [email protected] | Our Admin Email #phantomcraft on irc.rozznet.net | Our irc Channel mumble.phantomcraft.net | Our mumble Server   PhantomCraft is still around after over a year of brainwashing people into our community. It's one of those servers that always has something going on. With events held on our themed server every saturday, an experienced staff that knows what they are doing, and custom plugins for fun and security purposes, you're sure to find something you will get addicted to. If it's good, we have it.   The best part of this is that it is all in a setting that allows players to interact fully to get the best experience possible. We have players that enjoy PVP, players that build amazing scenery, plugins written by our very own operators and we're always up. Always. No exceptions. We have over 4000% up time, just check this graph.    At PhantomCraft we know that players are very worried about all of their hard earned efforts going for nothing, they worry about people like Team Avolition, coming on and destroying everything. Not to worry though, we have plugins that roll back everything in less than a second. (In fact they've griefed us twice with nothing to show for it but some videos)   *vids are down due to copyright stuffs*   Keep in mind that the admins are not pushovers We aren't going to spawn you items, it is a survival server. If someone kills you, kill them back. Twice. You can take their stuff, just don't grief because stealing is legal. Also don't get pissed because you can't build or speak, it's because you can't read the rules in-game.   Our rules are as follows: 1.0 No Griefing. 2.0 No modded clients allowed unless otherwise noted. 3.0 Obey all staff. 4.0 Don’t be a bitch. 5.0 Use all language maturely. 6.0 Don’t promote other servers. 7.0 Don’t ask for favors from the staff. 8.0 Stealing is not against the rules.   You want features? You got'em! Frequent contests and events award prizes, rep, and females, you can win a female! Want perks? We give more rights to those that can build more than wooden cube houses! Plus you get recognition on our website and youtube channels! User actions are monitored through anti-grief plugins, IRC linked moderator channels, and proprietary honeypot plugins. Frequent backups of your work are done. You won't have to worry about losing your work due to a griefer or server error. Check for our upcoming themed server, RantomPhaft.   Have you been griefed? Have a suggestion? Just want to screw around? Register on our forum: phantomcraft.net Or Email an Admin: [email protected] Please don't email an admin.   We can't keep the server running without continued player support So we give out even better perks to players that help us out with donations! Ask a moderator in-game or on the forums for information. 

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