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Sidreria [MultiWorld] [PVP]

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Sidreria Server mcsidreria.no-ip.org:25576 www.sidreira.webs.com About us. Sidreria is a new minecraft server. We got acctually 5 world and we planning making new one. Our server is MultiWorld, That mean you can choose your Gameplays. We got Friendly staff who will help you if you need anything. Make sure you be polite whit them and whit the other player of the server !   World: We got 5 World at the moment. Each one whit a different gameplay. We got -Creative -Survival -Adventure -Skyblock -Faction   Creative: The Creative world is the world where you can do almost what ever you want. It use PlotMe plugins to generate plot where you can build. You have access to Creative mode in this world.   Survival: This is the survival world. In this world, you can play like how you play in singleplayer. We got some plugins like lockette and PerciousStone that allow you to protect your house by yourselft. This methode is useful because you cannot be grief. You can play whit friends and Family! The pvp is desable in this world.   Adventure: Adventure is an Adventure map you can do Online. In this world, You'r in Adventure mode, so you can't destroy or place block. Don't worries we find a way to make this adventure map, the best adventure experience of your life. So you can play an adventure map whit your friends ! Skyblock: We also got a Skyblock world. For those who don't know what skyblock is, It's a gamemode where do got a small island whit a chest and a tree The goal is to survive. In the chest you got some supply to make a cobblestone generator and do some farming. You can play whit friends in this world too!   Faction: The last World we got is Faction. In this world you can make your own faction and manage it. PvP is on in this world and the lockette and PreciousStone are desable. So you need to make a faction and protect your land before the griefer come and destroy your HQ! Griefing, raiding, killing, stealing is allowed in this world. VIP will be able to place some trap in this world. to Kill who will enter in their house.     Rules: For Creative, Adventure, Survival, Skyblock #1 Griefing, stealing, raiding is not allowed. #2 Spamming of any kind is not allowed. #3 If you ask for any kind of ranks, it will reduce your chance to get it. #4 You'r not allowed to ask for free items, Even for the other player than the staff member. #5 Please be polite when you'r talking. Use a common sense. #6 Racist, Sexist isn't allowed in any kind. #7 You'r not allowed to advertise for other server. Even our. #8 Using Any kind of hack (Nodus, X-ray, Flying, etc.) Won't be accepted. #9 Please do not use Caps lock in the chat*   The smiley like =P, =D, :P, :D, :C will be accepted.   For Faction #1 Griefing, raiding, killing, stealing is allowed. #2 You'r not allowed to use any kind of hack. #3 If something wrong happened, Be polite. Stay calm and ask a staff. #4 Do not spam in any case. #5 Do not cry if you was griefed or raided. It's in the game. #6 Do not ask for any kind of ranks. #7 Do not advertise for another server. #8 Do not ask for Free items or for enchanted items. Ranks: Default: That the ranks you got when you join the server for the first time. Builder: You can earn this ranks by building a house in the survival world and protect it using the protection methode. VIP: This is the ranks you got when you donate 10$ The donation perk and be see on the server using /donate or on the website at the donation section. Moderator: They are the police of the server, if they ask you something, It's because they have a reason so listen to them. Admin: They are managing the server. If you got a serious problem and you early ask a mod but he didn't understand you. You can ask them they will find an awnser. Owner: He's the server owner. We don't have any co-owner because we don't need one. Its a very good owner. He will help you whatever your problem is. Donation You can donate 10$ to become VIP The VIP can use /fly in Survival He also can use /ptime in survival He got a new chat color. And a color name of his choice. He will have access to 5 plot in creative. And he will also get a new Class in the PVP He will become an assassin in the faction world And be able to use the Mine and other Defence things like that. He will also get a fully powered class in Faction. Type ingame /donate to see the donation perks. Other information Our website can be find here --->       http://www.sidreria.webs.com We aren't looking for staff at the moment but you can always do an application, if we need one we will look at it. In survival, We got a shop where you can buy the block for the protection, We also selling enchantement. Contact us Server ip: Mcsidreria.no-ip.org:25576 Server Website: www.sidreria.webs.com If you got any question you can email us at the [email protected]         See you on!

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