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Introduction:Http://Www.youtube.com/watch?v=6auIsPPo99Q74.63.237.66:25573Www.anotherlife.net16.netRules:1. No Griefing2. No Spamming3. No 1x1 Towers4. No Foul Language5. Respect the Staff6. Have FunGood Vs Evil:Esterfall: A very mysterious land. People are talking about "The Legend Of Esterfall".They say that once there was an archer who was such a sharpshooter that he could hit a nut in a distance of 100 Meters. This archer was called "Estilliar". Nobody could defeat him. He build a town near a waterfall with his 5 companions. This town was called Esterfall. The town was attacked by the devil and his army. Estilliar took his bow and shot the devil who fell into the darkness of the waterfall. But after that one shot, Estilliar disappeard to never be seen again.Esterfall was a ghosttown for a long time until some travellers found it and decided to build up a new town. One of the travellers found a sign under the waterfall thatsaid: "Esterfall, town of the Archer."Until today Esterfall keeps expanding its borders and the people train with their bow every day.Marronburg:Marronburg. City of the Devil. Built near a river of lava. People say that the devil walks around here. The citizens train everyday. No matter what happens, they are not afraid. They all believe that once the Devil will call their names to destroy Esterfall. Like he did before.SKILLS:Esterfall:Sneaking: People of Esterfall are one of the most mysterious people in the world. They can stand behind you without you noticing. Only the Assassins are better.Archery: People of Esterfall are the best archers that you can imagine.Light Armor: People of Esterfall are skilled in light armor. They have to be as silenced as possible to sneak around.Magic(Healing): Some of the wizards in Esterfall teach their students destruction spells but most of the wizards use their magic only for good purposes.b]Marronburg:[/b]Unarmed: People of Marronburg train everyday. They have to be in a good shape when the Devil calls them.Sword Fighting: Cutting heads, killing people. That is what the knights of Marronburg do. They care for a good live for the citizens.Heavy Armor: People of Marronburg are skilled in fighting with Heavy armor. They are the best fighters in Heavy armor.Magic(Destruction): Wizards of Marronburg sometimes train their students how to heal. But they see fire in their eyes. They teach them how to attack with spells before they are attacked.Classes:Archer: An Archer is very skilled with his/her bow. If you get to the right distance, you will find an arrow through your heart.Soldier:Mental. He/she will fly into battle with his/her sword high in the air, aiming to kill. That`s there two focuses. Kill and protect their guild.Farmer: Takes care of the food. Earn a lot money by selling bread, melon and pumpkins.Mage:(Not Available Yet)Leader:($5 per Month)The leaders are very respected. They are very close to their God or Devil. They get an amazing kit and extra health.Spells(not completed yet!)Quests:Mage:Path to Magician(apprentice): Reward: $300Learn 3 different spells.Path to Magician(Advanced): Reward: $750Learn 10 different spells.Soldier:Path of the Warrior(Apprentice): Reward: $300Reach level 10 in the Skill "Swordfighting".Path of the Warrior(Advanced): Reward: $1000Reach level 40 in the Skill "Swordfighting".Archer:Path of the Sharpshooter(Apprentice): Reward: $400Reach level 15 in the Skill "Archery".Path of the Sharpshooter(Advanced): Reward: $1500Reach level 50 in the Skill "Archery"Farmer:Becoming a Farmer: Reward: $250Plant, Harvest and Sell 40 wheat to the AdminShop(Spawn).Specialist Farmer: Reward: $2000Plant, Harvest and Sell 200 Wheat, Melons OR Pumpkins to the AdminShop(Spawn).Mega-Farmer: Reward $5000Plant, Harvest and Sell 500 Wheat, Melons AND Pumpkins to the AdminShop(Spawn).Staff:Owners:xSlazestealth217Admins:mysticmetalModerators:DantheR1ghtmanLOOKING FOR MORE STAFF!!!Guild Application:Name:IGN(In-Game-Name):Personality of in-game character:Age of in-game character:Choose a Guild(Esterfall or Marronburg):Choose a Class(Archer, Soldier, Mage, Farmer):WE HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON! At  

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