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[youtube]http://youtu.be/-aN_cXcXVq4[/youtube]IP:cnc.chickenkiller.com67.222.144.153Here we are on a bit of a new field of play. Let me explain shortly.We have TWO WORLDS.**A NORMAL BUKKIT WORLD**-McMMO-iConomy-Shops-Warps-PermissionsAnd A LOT of others!***AND A HIGHLY MODIFIED WORLD***It all depends on what you look for in a server. We wanted to open two options up for players. Log onto the server without the Mods will place you in the "Unmodified World". This will be for strictly Vanilla style gameplay with Bukkit Mods. And at any time you can Install the Mods to join the Normal World. (This is a new world as of 9-9-2012)If you choose to install the Mods. Then you will join the Normal World. But at anytime you may join the UnModded world simply by placing any Modified Items into a chest and off your persons. But following the directions below will gain you access to the Normal Modified World!*Mo' Creatures (Required to play)*Simple Ores (Required to play)*InfiCraft (Basic and Tools Required)*Balkons Weapon Mod (Required)All of which can be accessed in one simple mannerhttp://www.mediafire.com/?72ue9i33g8xp6zh**WINDOWS USERS - Open the Start Menu. Search for %appdata% and hit Enter. It should open the folder. Now open <.minecraft> and place the patch here. Then just run the patch. Voila! If screen blacks out or it crashes, then you need a fresh .minecraft folder. (Previous Mods conflicting)Merge the folders and Replace all.With those all set you are ready to join the server.***MAC USERS - Sorry, but you'll need to get the files separately. Currently for 1.2.5. But here's a list with links for yoU!- MineForge Client (Most up to Date for 1.2.5)(Now comes with ModLoader)http://jenkins.minec.../job/forge/171/- DrZharks MoCreatures Mod v3.6.2 (Install with the CustomMobSpawner, GUI is optional)http://www.minecraft...omesxl-support/- ExtraBiomes XL 2.2.7http://www.minecraft...rabiomesxl-227/- InfiCraft (Flora-Soma-0.3.11 - InfiBase-1.0.9 - InfiBlocks-0.7.13 - 2x2Extended-1.0.7 - Core-3.0.7 - Hybrids-2.0.10) *All of those must be Placed into your "mods" folder with the other mods*http://www.minecraft...-125-inficraft/- SimpleOres1.2.5 v5 Client Forgehttp://www.minecraft...es-mod-ssp-smp/- Smart Moving Client for ModLoader (1.2.5 Version)http://www.minecraft...p-smart-moving/- Balkons Weapon Modhttp://www.minecraft...-weaponmod-v86/We look forward to meeting you!IP:cnc.chickenkiller.com67.222.144.153

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