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Website | Map | About Us | Rules | Screenshots | /r/MCgodsyn Introduction to MCgodsyn MC.godsyn.com is a dedicated, 20-slot Minecraft server hosted in North America that has been around since the dawn of SMP, known for its uptime and mature community. Players under the age of 18 are not permitted to apply for membership, and the administrators and moderators of the server are required to be over 21 years old. A Focus On PvE With Aesthetics In Mind MC.godsyn.com is primarily a PVE (player versus environment) server, with a strong emphasis on creative, interesting, and intelligent architecture and design. This means you will likely be ridiculed if you build large featureless structures such as cobblestone boxes or wooden depots. If you need help or think your building isn’t up to par with the server’s standards, our regulars will be around to give you a hand or provide constructive criticism on a project. We understand that there are monsters and you would like to not be eaten by them, but don’t make your first build a huge cobblestone monstrosity. Start out small, and work your way up. If you’re done with a starter building box, please don’t keep it around, or spruce it up a bit. Alternative Communication We have a dedicated mumble server available for those who wish to use voice chat. In-game, the members of the server are expected to use proper English when communicating. If you can’t be bothered to spell out your words instead of resorting to abbreviations such as “u, ur, and r,” then we will expect you to put just as little effort into your creations. Features While we attempt to keep the game as close to vanilla as possible, we have a few useful modifications to make the multiplayer experience more enjoyable: Automated question based membership. See spawn for details. A 64x64 plot of land on the creative only build map for each player. Backups of the PVE, Nether, and Creative worlds every hour. Sign based chest, dispenser, brewing station, and furnace protection. Sign based trading of goods. Make secure trades and set up functional shops in-game. Text based teleportation commands to travel between other players and spawn with a 5 minute cool-down between each use. Browser based map of the server with real-time player locations and block updates. Abrogated fire spread and creeper block damage. Admins have access to anti griefing plugins. Cheat protection plugins to allow our members a fair environment. Ability to see when a play has last logged on the server. “/seen” Donations Server upgrades are based on user donations. Through this system, we’ve acquired an APC power supply for the server box, allowing us adequate time during a power outage to backup the map before the server is safely shut down, effectively preventing map corruption or data loss. We’ve also upgraded the amount of ram the server had from 4 to 8 gigs, allowing us 5 more available slots while keeping the server running at a full 20 ticks per second. Later down the line, we’ll be adding a solid state drive to speed up the map backup process. Additional things to consider when on the server. No 3rd party modifications other than Spoutcraft and Optifine, this includes fly, x-ray, speed, or any other modification or application used to cheat. Do not destroy monster spawners. Use them to your advantage. If you are not 18 years or older, you will be banned. Thank you for taking the time to read this advertisement and we look forward to seeing you on the server.

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