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Server IP: Play.The10Kings.com
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Last updated on Sun, 26 Aug 2012

Minecraft Server Description

► The 10 Kings Faction Server ♦ Vast Gameplay ♦ Great Community ♦ Proficient◄Server IP ► Play.The10Kings.comThank you for taking the time to check us out. We hope to see you in game and provide a great Minecraft experience. Feel free to read this through to gain a good bit of knowledge about our server.Server Featuresamenities  ¤ Factions: Play as a group with land management and war. ¤ PvP: The wild is a dangerous place allowing player vs player fights. ¤ PvE: Normal difficulty brings a challenge of survival. ¤ Mob Arena: Fight wave after wave of mobs to harden your combat skills. ¤ McMMO: categorized skills that offer special ability's and leaderboard opportunity's. ¤ Economy: Admin/player shops for a nice economy boasting every item imaginable. ¤ Jobs: Earn money while doing specified tasks and build your experience level for more. ¤ Commands: Tons of commands for everyone to utilize and appreciate. ¤ Community: A fantastic community of players and staff that are genial and considerate, ¤ Showcase: A display of items at spawn. Top items for rich people.   Plugins   ˟ Factions ˟ Essentials ˟ Essentials Chat ˟ Essentials Spawn ˟ Essentials Protect ˟ iConomy ˟ Chest Shop ˟ Craftipedia ˟ Showcase ˟ Tree Assist ˟ Hero Bounty ˟ Blacksmith ˟ McMMO ˟ Mob Arena ˟ Simple Region Market ˟ Combat Tag ˟ World Gaurd ˟ World Edit ˟ Log Block *Language Censorship *Anti Cheat *Player Investigation **Many More   Information → Community Rules    Be respectful towards staff, players and visitors. Report any issues please.  No hacking. No mods that give you an unfair advantage,  Do not ask for items, creative, privileges, or promotions.  Racism and foul/sexual language is not tolerated.  This is our server and we reserve all rights to remove anyone for any disruptions.  → Server Specifications ╔ Intel Xenon: Quad Core @3.8 Ghz + Hyper Threading ║ 16 GB REG ECC DDR3 RAM ║ 250 GB Enterprise Grade SATA II ║ 1 TB Enterprise Grade SATA II ║ 3200 GB Transfer (1 Gbps Uplink) ║ Windows Server 2008 ╚ MySQL    → Staff Owner (King) ► ─────── Mordy2011 (Mordy)  Administrator (King) ► −−−− Vaaaldez (Valdez) Administrator (King) ► ─── Tekknowgilly (Tek)  Administrator (King) ► −−−− RockoStrudels (Rocko)  Administrator (King)► ─── iigot3nksii (Gotenks) Administrator (King) ► −−−− GandoraTheWhite (Gandora)  Administrator (King) ► ──── ExoticSTL  Moderator (Duke) ► −−−−−− Neogreg (Neo) Moderator (Duke) ► ──── Tristyman (Tristy) Moderator (Duke) ► −−−−−− JJ1116 (JJ) Moderator (Duke) ► ──── Jacobra97(Jacobra) Moderator (Duke) ► −−−−−− James_Meek (James)  → DonationA donation something that is given to a charity, especially money. We appreciate any donation and will be put directly towards our cause. It takes a lot of money to offer the quality services we provide to our user. You can help by making a donation today! What we will do is offer in-game money, possibly other specialty items. Soon to come we will have packages including monthly rentals. We deal with USD (United States Dollar) through Paypal.A one time donation deal goes as follows:For donating you earn the second rank: VIP.1 USD = 10,000 Caps (in-game money) 5 USD = 50,000 Caps + VIP rank 10 USD = 100,000 Caps + VIP rank 20 USD = 200,000 Caps + VIP rank The list goes on... NOTE: We can and will give you a boost in-game if you wish. However it is not the tradition of a donation, so don't take it as you are buying something. We won't give out items that can only be spawned or give you privileges of a moderator or such.ExtraThank you for reading through this. Hope to see you in-game and/or leave some feedback on your experience with us. You can vote/diamond/comment on this post and then let an admin in-game know so you can earn 5,000 caps! Again, thank you for stopping by, and hope you have a great day. ~The 10 Kings (post by Valdez)

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