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  Website: http://www.spectralmc.com Forums: http://www.spectralmc.com/forums Dynmap:   Server Information: Spectral MC is a brand new, lag free Tekkit 3 server with 60 available slots and countless plugins to provide a great experience for players while not having to worry about griefing. As of now, Spectral MC is running the latest development build (3.1.2) on a host to provide 24/7 uptime. Automatic backups and server restarts are in place to guarentee a lag free world for players to build and explore.   Along with the 60 slot server, we also provide a Mumble Server that players can join to talk with friends and staff or just hang out and have a good time.   Player Information: Every player starts out with the basic commands, several plugins' commands, and access to 1 25x25 protected plot. Players ARE NOT required to apply to gain access to more commands or privleges; however, on Spectral MC's forums you must apply to have your plot protected. For more information on applying for a protected 25x25 plot:http://spectralmc.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=5&sid=11a443465edeb151c141a1afe7de0819   Commands: Basic Commands: /afk /delhome /depth /getpos /help /helpop /home /ignore /info /list /mail /me /motd /msg /rules /sethome /spawn /tp /tpa /tpaccept /tpahere /tpdeny /tphere   iConomy Commands: /money /money help /money pay /money rank /money top /money top 10 /money ?   LWC Commands: /cinfo /climits /cmodify /cpassword /cprivate /cpublic /cremove /cunlock /lwc   Rules: 1. Be respectful of all players and staff. 2. Be ethical! You know what’s right and wrong. 3. Use your common sense. 4. Don’t advertise other servers. 5. No griefing, stealing, or destroying other players’s work or items. 6. No PvPing is allowed. 7. Absolutely NO racism will be tolerated. 8. No hacking, duping, glitching, or exploiting. 9. Treat others the way you wish to be treated. 10. Report ALL glitches/bugs/exploits/dupes/griefing IMMEDIATELY.   Staff: KJSniper - Owner LemonFondler - Administrator KamoManMkII - Moderator Iz_Shankiee_x - Moderator   Plugins: Essentials - Provides basic commands for all players Vault/iConomy - Our economy plugin SpamGuard - Protects against chat spamming WorldEdit/WorldGuard/WorldBorder - World protection and setup LWC - Basic protection on certain blocks from being griefed ChestShop - Create your own shop to buy and sell items/blocks DeathChest - Items dropped on death placed into a chest (Donation required)   ...and many more! If you would like to see all the plugins/mods you can type "/plugins" ingame.   Mods: All mods that come with the 3.1.2 Tekkit update are enabled; however, some blocks/items are disabled to prevent griefing, lag, or server crashes. You can see a list of all the disabled items by scrolling down to the "Bans List" section!   Donations: Spectral MC currently has the BuyCraft plugin which allows players to both directly access donation packages from ingame and from your browser. To access the BuyCraft plugin ingame, simply type "/buy". All the donations we receive will go towards paying server costs to keep Spectral MC up and running!   You can access Spectral MC's donations page here: https://spectralmc.buycraft.net/   Bans List:   Banned Blocks/Items: Alchemical Chest (still enabled for crafting) Alchemical Tome Black Hole Band Black Hole Chest Block Breaker Dark Matter Hammer Dark Matter Pedestal Deployer Destruction Catalyst Dimensional Anchor Dynamite (ALL) Energy Collectors (ALL) Energy Condensor Evertide Amulet Filler Flint & Steel Gem Armor Set Harvest Goddess Band Hyperkinetic Lens Industrial TnT Mercurial Eye Mining Lasers Nova Catacylsm Nova Catalyst Nuclear Reactor Quarries Red Matter Furnace Red Matter Hammer REP Ring of Arcana Ring of Ignition Teleport Pipes Teleport Tether Terraformer TnT Transmutation Table Transmutation Tablet Void Ring Volcanite Amulet Watch of Flowing Time World Anchor Zero Ring   Disabled Mods: Some of BalkonWeapon Mods' Items ccSensor Mod ComputerCraft Mod EnderChest Mod ForceField Mod   Map: Being a brand new server, there aren't any creations so far; however, I'd like to show off our spawn!       We hope to see you around the server!

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