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 Welcome to NovaDynasty. The plugins we have are: Mcmmo- You can level up skills. The better the level the bigger advantage   Factions- Able to make a group/clan and to claim land for minimal grief protection   Nocheat+- Prevents hacking   Permissions- Gives people certain ranks and allows then to do certain commands   Votifier- Tracks when you vote so you can earn money   Buycraft- Able to buy donator packages ingame or at the buycraft website!   PVPTitles- Gives you a prefix for the amount of kill you have on the server   lockette- Ive added this plugin for donators. They get 1 safe chest that normal players cannot steal from   SimpleSpleef- For spleef :D   PvPTimer- So you wont get killed when you first log in   Chestshop- For the player owned shops at spawn!   Essentials- New commands like /sethome or /tpa   Mobcatcher- Able to Catch pigs,cows,ETC With a chicken Egg   War- PvP and CTF arenas   When you join the server you will get the starting tools listed below: Iron Armor Set Iron sword PorkChops Diamond pick axe Wood Stone tools   Whats this server about? Well basically you go out to the wild claim your land faraway from spawn and raid/fight other factions. You can Make allies or make enemies. You also have access to /tpa so allies can accept teleports from you to find each other quicker and /sethome to set a waypoint to teleport to. There is also a plugin that alows you to capture mobs using chicken eggs. it will be really useful for bases that are in the sky or in the ground.  We have added votifier so you can help the server by voting and yet earn in-game money at the same time. We also have the war plugin so you can join arenas and play capture the flag with your friends when your bored.   Is there going to be lag? No We run on 5GB of RAM and unlimited bandwidth. So if you live somewhere like Antarctica. There will be no lag at all!   Is there anyway to donate? Yes you can donate donations help run the server and keep it from shutting down the more donations the better the server. When you donate a certain amount of money you can earn perks and a rank. You also have access to commands that regulars players do not. But donators do not get items to over powered so regular people still have a chance of beating them. If you want to learn more go here:   If you like this server and you have a account on planet minecraft then click the diamond on the top left corner it will really help and thanks!

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