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ConvictCraft Mafia Prison

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Minecraft Server Information

Server IP: prison.convictcraft.com
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Last updated on Fri, 14 Dec 2012

Minecraft Server Description

UDPATE: The server now includes a fully automated PVP arena, a hunger games world, and Faction raiding is enabled. Deaths in the arena or in hunger games are not counted against faction power. The Goal: Try not to die while you earn money to buy your freedom. Once free you can claim land and build anywhere, and you can even join a faction. New citizen-rank world coming in December with CREATIVE MODE building. While the server is PvP and involves things such as the Mafia and drugs, it still has rules: 1. Be respectful of staff, they have the final word on matters such as mutes and jails. 2. No PvP in the jail where guards can see, you will be killed. If you do it excessively, you may be jailed. 3. No hacking such as x-ray mods or clients such as Nodus, you will be banned. 4. No swearing, racism etc. you will be muted after 3 warnings. 5. If a guard catches you with a sword, bow, drugs etc. you will be jailed unless you give it to them. 6. No placing furnaces in the mines. 7. No racist or offensive factions are permitted, they will be disbanded immediately. 8. No griefing is allowed, this includes but is not limited to: TNT, lava, water, stealing, and destroying other peoples' creations. You will be banned if caught. Server Specifications: 100 Slots 24/7 DEDICATED SERVER Latest Generation XEON Sandy Bridge 8 Cores 16G RAM, 10G Dedicated to MC 120G RAID0 SSD for Persistent Storage RAM DISK World Storage - NO LAG Extremely Fast Corporate Data Center Connection Twice daily secure off-site backup to ensure data integrity. Plugins: Factions iConomy LWC NoLagg DrugMeUp NoCheatPlus StaffSalary (our own creation) PvPAbuse (our own creation) DynMap ChestShop MineResetLite and many more.

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