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Server IP: skyfall.mcserver.ws
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Last updated on Tue, 27 Nov 2012

Minecraft Server Description

Please check the website: mcarmycraft.enjin.com Hello, we are an army/war themed pvp faction, raid server, we aim to become a medium sized (50 players) server, we are as well rpging, the rpg theme is strictly MODERN war and army, her are our plugins: -Vault -Chestshop -Economy -Herobrine -Creative World [plotme] - PVP guns - Playerheads - bandages - dogtags - and more! keep reading! hewhile wo do not put rpging as a rule, we do remind you that our server is modern army arquitecture, we do not accept you to makemedieval builds, boot camps army hq and else are accepted. We have a plugin called pvpguns, this changes normal items into projectile shooting instruments, each have their own reload time bullet charge and else, example: pistol: gun: wooden hoe, ammo: snowballs, wwe are currently developing a texture pack to change this to actual look alike guns, your factions must be named after actual army or army branches or divisions, it cannot be: US ARmy Us Navy, etc. It CAN be: Seals, Delta, ODA, PMC, HSD, TF141, etc. We encourage you to start war between factions,a lly or destroy other factions in order to become the lkeading faction, capture the territory of the other factions as you make massacre of your enemies, In order to enhance the rpg and theme of the server we have somey interesting plugins that i believe, you will find very amusing: 1.- PVPguns- as i said before it changes certain things into guns. 2.- Dogtags.- while sneaking with shears, backstab the enemy with them, as in-game, shears are considered knifes, if you succesfully backstab-kill an enemy this way, the dead corpse will drop a map with a dogatg and the name of this player, this will be announced in the chat 3.- Playerheads- feel its unfair you dont get a good loot when killing enemies? Well, this is right for you, when you kill a player, you have a chance the body of the player will drop his head, you can wear it and keep it as a trophy. 4.- Pvp arenas.- we have an arena that is non organized, join make teams and pvp against whoever you want, we plan on making plugin ones that are: ctf tdm, ffa, and spleef!, we need builders, so apply at the website for this. 5.- Killstreaks.- announce your k/d ratio and receive prizes. We have a xcreative world for those who fill they want a bit of peace or feel well... creative. We aswell have berpobrine plugin, i warn ya: this plugin is much better than the last one we had, hell stalk you, appear and tstare at you poison you, bury you, and god knows what else. So what are you waiting for! Join us! and have the time of your life!

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