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Last updated on Thu, 27 Dec 2012

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Hello and welcome to the iConomyCraft server! We're here to provide you with an exciting and unique Minecraft experience. What makes our server different to any other server? Let me explain. Our server stays true to its name, with a lot of effort put into growing an amazing economy to cater for each and every persons needs. You can create your own shop and buying, selling, and trading are all a simple and rewarding part of the iConomyCraft Server. You'll start off as a Tourist, where you can build anywhere outside of spawn, as long as it's not occupied by, or too close to, another player. You'll be able to use /tpa (player) to get to your friends, or other players, and you'll be able to set one home. You can then apply on www.iconomycraft.com/forums/Applications/ to become a Citizen. You'll be able to join towns, and set up to five homes! We also have multiple donator ranks you can purchase, starting at as cheap as US$5! You'll recieve in-game money, experience, extra homes to set, /back command, different mob disguises, /hat command and access to the mining world, where you can mine in peace, with no hostile mobs to distract you! Higher donation amounts also get access to color codes in chat (you can write in the chat in different colors, whilst everyone else is just plain white!) and the /stack command, to easily sort your inventory. There are even more perks in the making, check here for more information: http://shop.iconomycraft.com/ We have also put extensive effort into making sure we have only the best plugins for you. Here's a basic overview of the main plugins: - Grief protection: everyone likes to know their home, farm, castle, or whatever else they've built, will stay safe from the hands of griefers. - Towny: You and your friends can make an amazing town yourselves or join one of the many towns that hardworking players have put together so far. You'll have to apply on our forums to become a mayor, so you can create a town, but that's quick and easy. - Lottery: who doesn't like to make a few extra dollars here and there? ;) - MCMMO: level up in mining, herbalism, acrobatics, excavation, woodcutting and more! The higher your level is, the better the rewards. There's multiple drops, special drops and a skill you can activate with right click to make your life a lot easier. You can use this to instantly break blocks, get more exp or have trees fall down with just the bottom block broken, it all depends on what you're breaking. What's not to love about that? And that's just the beginning, we've got more plugins that I haven't even talked about here, all dedicated to making your experience on our server even better. If all that hasn't convinced you, we also have drop parties and contests to help get things going for you. There's plenty of friendly staff members and players to help get you on your feet and to answer any questions you might have about the server. So what are you waiting for? Come check out the surprises awaiting you. There's already players ready to mine, buy, sell, and create with you! Come join our friendly community at mc.iconomycraft.com, we'd love to have you here.

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