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Server IP: mc.crossedshadows.com
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Last updated on Sat, 24 Nov 2012

Minecraft Server Description

This is a hardcore PvP server. It's a 1.4.x server, as of this time of writing; running on Bukkit. It's plugins include: Factions, McMMO, Essentials, some anti cheating plugins, and a toggable global chat channel system (so you don't have to deal with the constant chatter of the server). There's a book inside spawn that explains what plugins do what, and help you work your way around them. Remember, you can do anything! Here's our two most complicated plugins; although a few minutes of playing and you'll grasp them easily. -Factions- This is a plugin that allows members to group up. You can create a faction/clan/guild, and build, hunt, survive, and raid together! There is a more detailed explination of how Factions works at the spawn point in-game. For those of you who understand Factions already; here is the list of protected items. Take note that chests are NOT protected here! 1) Stone Pressure Plates 2) Levers Basically, this means that you can make an iron door with either a STONE pad or a lever to open it; this leaves wooden doors vulnerable for anyone to walk into; and wood pads for traps. For those of you unfamiliar with factions, here's a small breakdown: Factions are groups of teammates, working together to dominate the server. Larger factions normally thrive the best. Though Larger factions =/= a better faction. Yes, factions include protected lands, but there are tons of ways around the protection. Figuring them out is part of the fun. -McMMO- This is a mod that grants perks to those who play more often. I've removed the combat perks, as to keep the game more fair; but I have kept in the other perks. What king of perks? Well in this mod: You level up stats. Stats can be found with "/stats". Most perks include a higher chance of getting double or even tripple drops. Sometimes you'll even get an extra block or item, depending on what block was broken with what tool. More information on McMMO is located in-game at the spawn.

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