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Have you ever dreamed of spending the rest of your days living in a coastal shack as a fisherman? Perhaps you've wanted to open your own shop and business as a guild master? Fancy yourself a leader? No problem, you can found a Township! Maybe one day, that very Township will eventually grow into a nation of clustered Townships!  All of that, and much much more is possible in the realms of IronAge. This server has been designed around the principles of giving you, the player, the most opportunities and paths as possible in a free-form environment. In that regard, IronAge truly excels.   Woah! Thats a heck of a lot of professions.... Thats right! In the IronAge, you're completely free to forge your own legacy.   Dynamic Economy   Free-form gameplay   Player Driven   Battlegrounds   PVP Ranking   Townships & Nations   Professional Staff & Service   Daily Raids & Content Updates   Custom Plugins & Addons     I You shall respect and adapt to the needs of others, both players and staff. You will treat their property and well-being with the utmost respect, this dictates that you shall NOT destroy the property (grief) of others, NOR shall you steal their belongings.   II You shall not attempt to cause disruption, distraction or discomfort in any of the communication channels - both private and public. Profanity can be used to express yourself, however being vulgar is not acceptable. You shall not attempt to spam, send links to inferior websites, nor shall you attempt to spread any type of political or religious agenda. III You shall be compliant to all Helpers, Moderators, Administrators and Operators. They are trying to improve the server, you should always do your best to allow them to that job effectively. Likewise, the staffing teams will make sure that you have the most enjoyable experience as possible. IV You shall use your common sense and courtesy to dictate whether an action is acceptable or not. If you believe there is a gray area in regards to the rules, then we encourage you to consult a member of staff. Most importantly, have fun and make use of the mechanics offered to our players here in IronAge.     In order to keep out the less desirable peoples - those of you who wish only to disrupt the experience for others, we have implemented a Citizenship (membership) programme. It acts like a greylist, if you post a reply to this thread with the application form - a member of staff will add you to the Citizen's list. Being on that list grants you the ability to use all core IronAge features: Homes, Professions, Townships, Nations, skills, levels and abilities. We have no age requirements, nor will we discriminate against you based on grammar, previous bans or nationality. If you don't already have a minecraftoforum.net account, then please create one. After being logged into these minecraftforum.net forums (separate from our own server-specific forums), just copy n' paste the application form into the reply box - fill the form out and hit submit. We strive to submit all applications within 12 hours of them being submitted, however waiting times are usually much much shorter than that. [quote]In Game Name:Age:Country:Have you voted for us? (if not click here)[/quote]   [quote]We've been astonished at the initial responses to the first public BETA test of the IronAge yesterday, and now we have lots of great feedback we can built upon. Until now, we've been running all our operations within the cloud - this has proven to be unstable with larger groups of players (as we yesterday yesterday).To give our players an optimal experience, we have changed hosting provider. As a result of this, the server will remain offline for the majority of today, and possible early tomorrow morning (GMT+0). We're extremely sorry for any inconvinience caused by this down time, however I must remind you again: the server is still only in a Beta stage and is potentially unstable.Development Status:- Begin BETA testing- Roll out initial public advertisements - minecraftforum.net and planetminecraft.com- Roll out Township system (Towny)- Update custom plugins to be stable with the 1.3 builds of Craftbukkit- Finish player spawns- Roll out economy (50%)- Roll out formalized opportunities for professions- Appoint more staff members - if you're interested in joining Team IronAge, PM me.- Roll out the live events system- Setup payment gateway - integrated with Google Checkout and Paypal (25%)[/quote] play.theironage.net Does that IP not work? Connect via:

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