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Server IP: factions.silvermouse.net
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Last updated on Tue, 07 Aug 2012

Minecraft Server Description

Are you tired of playing on servers with hackers? Admin abusers? Server Lag? If so then Silvermouse is the server for you! We have round the clock admins, only very rarley are none online who are keen and ready to help and anwser all your problems! with plugins such as Anti-Cheat and others we stop abusive players from ruining the experience for you, no matter if there admin or a newbie! oh and there is no whitelist! When you just start out be sure to join faction starter /f join starter this will prevent you from being killed  outside of spawn as soon as you join! Silvermouse is a hardcore faction pvp server, which means griefing is allowedso protect your stuff! We want to provide a good playing enviroment for all our users here on the server. We hope you enjoy playing on the Silvermouse server please take some time to read the rules below and leave your feed back!IP: factions.silvermouse.netBe respectfulBe ethicalUse common senseDo not use any form of game improving mods/hacks (optifine is allowed)Do not spamNo griefing/claiming spawn shopsGriefing is allowedYou are responsible for your own account "my friend did it" is no excuseFollow the rules!Donations go towards helping the server and improving your experience making that more enjoyableComing soon!Is someone breaking the rules, and theres no-one around to stop them? Take a screen shot or a video and upload it to some place where we can see it and take action!AntiCheatBorderGuardSimplyVanishTreasureHuntWorldEditiConomyNSCommandNoRainWarPermissionsExModifyWorldCombatTagWorldGuardEssentialsChatManagerEssentialsSpawnPermissionsChestShopFactions 

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