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Minecraft Server Description

The CJG Freedom server is a free form sandbox server. Here at Total Freedom, all players are given creative mode plus OPs privileges provided they abide by our rules. Unlike most multiplayer servers, we like to allow maximum freedom here, whether it's using world edit commands, plugin essentials commands, mods, or logging in without a paid/premium account. Total Freedom does not mean Total Anarchy; if you attempt to disrupt or grief the server, sanctions to include temporary or permanent banning are in play. Forums: http://cjgfreedom.boards.net ----------------------Saving Your Builds ------------------------- Saving and Loading Builds With WorldEdit Due to the immense and immediate world changing capabilities of the plugins this server runs, and the influence of frequent griefing, the server is frequently reset and restored to a default saved map. Except as arranged with the server owner (thecjgcjg), all builds, experiments, and user inventories are temporary unless you save them using WorldEdit. To save your builds (i.e. create a WorldEdit schematic), first use the //wand tool to select the bounds of your build (i.e. the opposite corners of your build, see the WorldEdit Quickstart Guide for help.) Then, type //copy to place your build on the clipboard, and type //schem save nameofbuild to save your build (replacing nameofbuild with a unique name of your own). To load a schematic back into the world, do //schem load nameofbuild, and then //paste. ----------------------------Admins----------------------- All players are equal with ops and plugin privileges. However, regular players can be accorded admin status by positively contributing to the server. Positive contributions include producing or providing excellent world maps, making fantastic builds that get saved for use in our sandbox, assisting the server admins in dealing with griefers, and/or cleaning up their messes (e.g. spawn destruction), assisting new players, keeping the server free of lag and so forth. If you have specialized skills such as plugin coding, please discuss with the appropriate executive board member or owner. The list of senior admins and super admins are posted on this page and can be viewed in-game by using the command saconfig list. Super admins are below senior admins & have various capabilities such as being able to OP themselves and overseeing the server in-game. If you wish to be a super admin, please fill out the application on our forum as listed above. We also have a specialized technical position known as Telnet admins that allow for off-server oversight- all senior admins have Telnet capability as well as designated super admins. Senior Admins are in-charge of selecting and supervising Super Admins. Admins should give OPs to all new members (anybody may OP another player) and instruct new players to read the rules and this website. They can also deop griefers (first choice for minor infractions) and temporarily ban griefers that cause major world damage and other serious rule violations. Admins may use an [Admin] nick title tag if they so wish provided they use their normal nick as listed above but must use their minecraft name when doing admin commands. Non-admins my not use the [Admin] tag. If you wish to be a super admin or to know more detailed information about admin duties, please apply on the forums at (cjgfreedom.boards.net) and do not NOT publicly nag for it on the server. -----------------------------Server Rules------------------------------ No Griefing! Do not grief the server. There are many way to do that, but the most common are to intentionally crash the server, lag the server, destroy or damage the spawn, destroy or damage other player's builds, erase warp points, PVP without agreement of other players, chat spamming, and so forth. Use your best judgement, and remember that other people are on here to have fun also. While we do strive to give our users Total Freedom, there are some limitations that we have been forced to put in place to prevent the worst of griefing. We are sorry for these measures, and if you need help building something legitimate but can't because of these limitations, please contact an admin. Do note that actions such as "nuking" (removing and placing blocks rapidly via a client side hack) or freecam building/destroying will be automaticlly detected and you will be removed from the server. Additionally, some blocks, when used with worldedit, are prohibited and will result in automatic de-opping for evaulation by an admin. You should get permission from an admin before using "high grief" potential blocks like water and lava. No Impersonation Do not pose as the server owner (thecjgcjg) and do not pose as one of the other regular players that use Total Freedom. By posing, that means using a program such as MinecraftSP or otherwise changing your nick. Posing to change your title or to pose as somebody "famous" (like Notch) is okay provided you do not use it grief the server. Respect Privacy Respect the "Total Freedom" of other players. Do not be a pest or a nuisance to others, and respect their privacy. Do not "help" with builds if people do not want you to, and do not teleport someone without their permission. It is best to use /tpahere to request that someone to teleport to you, rather than forcefully teleporting them. There are numerous way to be a nuisance and we don't detail all of them here but you'll learn them with time. Please note that privacy of communication is not yet offered on this server; all private messages / mail are logged plus all members have have access to socialspy. Use external services such as Skype or Twitter (Direct Message) if you require private communication with other members. Respect other players and admins Do not engage in personal attacks on other players/admins and take all personal disputes off the server. If you don't like a particular player, feel more than free to use the ignore command on them but personal wars on the server won't be tolerated regardless of who started it and temporary bans will result. If you're coming on the server to troll other players, you'll end up getting trolled yourself (we love to play with trolls). Similarly, threats to DOX, threats to commit illegal acts (e.g. DDOS), graphic sexual discussion or RP, linking to porn or scam sites, racist attacks, and other forms of behavior designed to offend, intimidate or harass will not be tolerated. This rule applies to admins to players as well, and admins that abuse their authority to engage in personal attacks will be sanctioned or removed. The rule also applies to our forums or anywhere that the dispute might be viewed by the general public (e.g. Twitter) Adhere to Authority Do not override the actions of the server owner (thecjgcjg) or other admins. For example, if an admin de-ops or bans a player for griefing, you may not re-op or pardon them without permission. Consequences Violation of these rules may result in a temporary de-op, temporary IP ban, or other disciplinary action. The length of a ban will be determined by the server owner based on the severity of the violation. Plugins installed on server: TotalFreedomMod BukkitTelnet Essentials WorldEdit

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