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IP: LINKS www.CoreEvolution.enjin.com Core Evolution (C.E.) C.E. Is a friendly, fun, minecraft server for all, welcoming people of all ages, with you're four or with your four-hundred, you are welcomed and appreciated! We are a towny/economy based server, with a peak of 80 players playing at the same time, with barely any lag at all server sided! Our staff are fun, but proffesional, mature but not boring, we do our best to keep the server running how it does! With treasure hunts happening as much as 12 times a day, lottery just as common, our server is both engaging the normal minecraft spirit of building and surviving, with gambling and hunting! Both adrenalin filled, the events offer a peak of 10,000 worth of items in the treasure hunts(Even newbies can join in with treasure hunts, straight from logging on for the first time) and winning a potential 120,000 + worth of digits(our currency) via buying tickets for the lottery, at D400 per tickets, and a max of 20 tickets per ticket holder! A fast and, if you're lucky, easy way to get rich! Try your chances! With a system known as 'mcMMO' we bring a new and exciting experience to minecraft! 'mcMMO' takes core Minecraft game mechanics and adds an RPG experience! 'mcMMO' adds eleven skills to train in and level in, while also offering a high level of customization for players/admins! There are countless features, including custom sounds, graphical elements, and more added when running 'mcMMO' in conjunction with Spout! A personal screenshot from one of our server players shows the stats and skill levels they've acquired, viewable via typing in the command '/mcstats' ~~ C.E. Provides the oppurtunity of barter through it's very own 'Player shops', where players are able to use signs and chests to sell their items for an amount of 'digits' Our playershops are well made and easy to navigate, even to someone who is new to the server! C.E. Also provides a unique and well made player spawn, with portals on the left, the right and behind the /spawn providing links to all main places in D.F.O, signs showing commands and advertisements that are entirely owned by players (Bought via ingame currency), and a beauitful spawn building in itself, here's a picture of our spawn building in all it's glory: And here is a peak at one of our portals, going to the arena: Our spawn and shop area are both protected by world guard, preventing griefers of our beloved spawn building and our treasured player shops! Our staff work round the clock to catch griefers in towns and outside of the spawn/player shop area, and with at least a guarenteed 2 staff members online at the same time as you, if you discover yourself griefed or mistreated, you can tell one of them and they will be at your service, A.S.A.P! Think that's it? Well you're wrong! We also have a ranking system, the lowest rank(none-staff) Drifter, and the highest rank(none-staff) Elite. Here is a list of our ranks and what they do(in order of lowest to highest): Drifter is the 5th and lowest rank of them all, it is the default rank when joining the server and costs nothing to get. A drifter has 1 Home and 5 /locks ~~ Apprentice is the 4th rank, with 2 /sethome's and 10 /locks if you wanted to have a shop, apprentice is recommended before you buy one or start one up.(You need a lot of /locks for your chests so thiefs dont come and steal!) This costs D15,000 to apply for on forums, or is achievable by having a power level of 400 in mcmmo/mcstats ~~ Expert is the 3rd rank, with 4 /sethome's and 20 /locks, this is a good position to be in, as with expert you have access to the nether aswell! So get that glowstone! Expert costs D30,000 to apply for on forums, but is achievable through having a power level of 800 in mcmmo/mcstats ~~ Master is the 2nd rank along the line, with 6 /sethome's, 100 locks and permission to place lava! Though be careful, irresponsible abuse of lava [B]will[/B] get you banned, and that is not good! D: Master costs D50,000 to apply for on forums, but is achievable by having a power level of 1600 in mcmmo/mcstats ~~ Expert is the 1st and highest possible rank a non-staff member can achieve, with the closest possible amount of set home's/locks/permissions to a donator's. Elite is [B]very[/B] difficult to achieve, but once you get there it is well worth the effort. Costing D500,000 and a powerlevel of 6400 in mcmmo/mcstats this is by far the hardest rank to achieve. ~~~ We here at C.E. Hope you like the sound of our server, and we hope you join us! We will welcome you with open arms, in game and on forum. ~ Many thanks, the C.E team.

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