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Last updated on Mon, 06 Aug 2012

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IP: play.theminecrafthub.net:25565 TheMinecraftHub is a newly spawned hardcore Factions/PvP server, with our main aim being to have pleased users and a friendly staff team. On the server, you are first spawned in the spawn town ship where everything is happy and jolly, but the contrast changes soon once you walk through the spawn town and through some dencely packed trees. Then once you're out there, you're out there! Make your faction brilliant, raid your enemies and betray your friends! Become the best darn faction known to man, slaughter other players, and be the best you can be... We use WorldBorder with a 5,000 block radius - this makes sure you wont be spending hours looking for a raidable base! Unlike other servers, our team are not over powered and they only have the tools to moderate. We would hate to drown our users in a pool of ban thirsty rules, which is why we only have 3, and one tip. 1. Do. Not. Hack. Our highly trained staff use a plugin called NoCheatPlus, which informs us of any suspicions activity coming from a user. We use this frequently to keep an eye on everyone, and make sure nobody ruins the action and experience. 2. 'Line Jumping' is fine* *Don't kill new people (unarmed) unless they attack you. 3. Swearing is allowed, but keep it friendly! C: Sounds very cheesy, but we dislike cyber bullying and personal attacks. We'll even report you to CEOP if you go over the line. That goes for racism, sexism and discrimination too. The Tip As we said, we hate to drown people in lots of rules, and that's why we have this tip: Use common sense. We're not stupid, and neither are you - you should be able to know what's downright too far. THINK! To apply for Trusted rank please respond to this topic with: IGN:DO YOU FOLLOW OUR RULES:WHY SHOULD YOU BE MEMBER: We have 9 sites for users to vote at. For voting you receive 3 diamonds (per site!) Voting sites are listed here:     Minecraft Casino: minecraftcasino.com/slot/minecraft-casino-slot-server-list.php?ServerSelection=TheMinecraftHub     We're using BuyCraft to sell premium membership to our wonderful users, click here to visit the site! NB: All sales are classed as donations, and the items you receive are only a reward for your support to the server - there is NO refunds unless you didn't receive your items (although, we can fix this manually by emailing [email protected] - please don't submit a paypal dispute or make a chargeback until you have attempted to contact us) Our website attempts to serve as a general Minecraft community as well as the server's central form of communication - feel free to discuss anything there! (Within reason, that is!) theminecrafthub.net We run a number of plugins to keep the server on top form. In depth information about these plugins can be found on our website soon. Here are the most important: Factions - This is the highlight of TheMinecraftHub! Factions bring your friends together to form a clan and defeat your enemies! Do /f for help! mcMMO - Also another great plugin, gain skills to get advantages - combat skills will help you smite those unfortunate people who came to raid the WRONG base, and leisure skills to help you get loot! WorldBorder - Puts a circular border around the world, making sure you can't run away from the raids forever! ChestShops - Lets users open up their own shops! We tend to not like roleplay that much, but if you want a story to go by - here you go!The year is 3022, and the world has gone to pot - the population very minuscule. Those whom do still dwell in the realms of Earth as we know it tend to take what we recognize a medieval approach - creating guilds, which would then be attacked by other guilds - it's survival of the fittest. You are now a grown man living in the strongest castle, when you decide that you'd ally forces with the SafeZone guild and create your own - you are welcome at SafeZone to trade and commute, but outside - you're fresh meat for those prowling predators...We do not use any sort of Admin Shop however there are shops set up by users in spawn town so just type /spawn and enter the town! You can get help for the server in several ways:     Ingame Ticket System - Just type /helpme and it will guide you through the process of opening a ticket!     Quick Inquiries - Just ask a member of our team ingame and we will attempt resolve your problem/answer your questions. Donation/Serious - Use the email: [email protected] and do NOT provide sensitive information! General Questions/Report Rule Violations - Use the forum! Ban Appeals - See below. To appeal a ban, or other general staff actions/behavior - or you wish to feedback/make a complaint, please contact us on our main email:[email protected] the server!

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