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Vertigo Server Hack/mine

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Minecraft Server Information

Server IP: hackmine.vertigoserver.com
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Last updated on Fri, 03 Aug 2012

Minecraft Server Description

You need this to play first! http://www.technicpack.net/launcher/ IP: hackmine.vertigoserver.com We are one of the Most Popular Hack Slash Mine servers out there. Here are our features... Custom commands... /spawn /home /L, /G (local and global chats) /help /tpa /msg /list /count /help (to see all of the commands) 100% up-time 150 player cap, plenty of room to invite your friends Dedicated administrators to monitor that all is well for many hours of the day. Fresh community, ever expanding No Whitelist No Hamachi A spawn that is not Swiss cheese A lot of happy players! Server stats XEON E3-1230 Processor 8 gigs of ram (increasing soon) 10 TB Bandwith 100 MB/s upload/download ~General Rules~ *Note that these are not the full set of rules. We do not feel the need to mention every single little detail; please use good judgement and act responsibility.* 1. Don't be a jerk The standard "don't harass any other players, advertise, etc;" also applies to us. We expect you to act mature, regardless of your age. Racism is not tolerable at any degree. This includes, but is not limited to... -No advertising other servers -No Racist thoughts or remarks... keep it to yourself. -No caps lock (please?) -Try and use proper grammar. 2. No spawn killing! Unfortunately, with such an early version of Hack Slash Mine, there is no Bukkit! That means no spawn protection. We have staff monitor it 24/7 but cannot always stop your common fight. Please refrain from all combat in the "Obsidian Areas" (Becomes more clear in-game). We now have spawn protection, so that means no spawn killing, period! 4. GRIEFING AND PVP IS ALLOWED OUTSIDE SPAWN! You may engage in pvp or griefing other players outside the obsidian areas. Have fun! FAILURE TO FOLLOW THE RULES WILL RESULT IN A BAN! Some important stuff to know; - Do /spawn to return to spawn. - Use tpa to get to your friends. - If /sethome isn't working, reconnect to the server. - There's tons of answers to your questions on the internet. - More to come Some cool things about ours over others - Custom Commands and Protection, allowing more freedom for the users

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