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How it all started My friend was hosting for awhile, but he could no longer do it so he gave me the server-yay! So I've finally gotten around to making a brand new minecraft server-with better plugins, and hopefully a better experience.The admins are all friendly and fair (I make sure of it , and the community is small. There are usually no more than 10 players on at a time, if that. It's really easy to get to know someone! What we got that mebbe u want We have PVP, survival mode and griefing outside of spawn-although you can buy protected plots of land. If you are building something for the public, we will protect your build and give you creative. Otherwise-look out for creepers. -An arena with rewards. Choose to PVP or fight monsters! -A bank for all your diamonds -A subway to get to places that are far away -MiNIGAMES! So far, people have enjoyed them a lot. Many are still being built. -A couple large builds. One of them will eventually be made into a hockey arena. -And a couple large cities. They are both still being built though. For the most part, the server is survival with no chest or building protection. We also have factions. At the moment there are only two, but they are always fighting We welcome you to start your own. What do we expect? -Calm and mature people who won't whine too much. -No hackers- they will be banned without warning. -That especially includes xrayers! Please do not use xray on this server! We do not enjoy banning people. -be ethical -be respectful -use common sense. that's about it. We're pretty laid back, other than cheating. Small server, nice admins! Ask about expanding! More can be added once people join. PICTURES! Don't completely do the server justice, but here are a couple points of interest: "http://www.flickr.co...ream_welcome=1" There are a bunch of things that are still under construction and not included in the pictures, though. Gustinville by frankenboom, on Flickr Admin Towers by frankenboom, on Flickr Melted rink by frankenboom, on Flickr Bowling building by frankenboom, on Flickr Game area by frankenboom, on Flickr Spawn city by frankenboom, on Flickr How do I join? We have updated to the latest dev build of bukkit so those with minecraft 1.3 can join. There may be bugs with the update, however, so be prepared. Email [email protected] to get any updates and an alert in case the IP changes. I don't need much info, but please comment with your IGN, why you want to join and your age. Anything else you want to include is fine too. This can be considered a whitelist application IGN: Why I wanna join: Years so far in my life: Life so far in my years (: The IP is minecraftcraft.no-ip.org If it happens to change, I'll let you know here on the forums or by email. I'm looking forward to seeing you drop by! Darn it, I got banned! Yes, it happens. and to be honest, it might even be unfair. If you feel you were banned unfairly, please please please email [email protected] or post here on the forum. Please note that any comment added here might have to wait awhile before getting some attention... If you were banned and you would like to appeal, please include: Your IGN Why you were banned Who you were banned by (if you know) Why you should be pardoned ...Anything else. If you weren't banned for a good reason, we would love to see you email. I apologize if you were unfairly banned. (please note: if you were warned multiple times, did not cooperate, deliberately cheated multiple times, lied, or continued doing whatever it was you were doing without listening to the admins, your appeal will not carry as much weight. Please remember we will be very thorough in going through the server logs to find out what happened.) We look forward to seeing you drop by!

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