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F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions: Q: Why is the server cracked? A: We understand not everyone can purchase Minecraft, and we do not want to limit our server to just premium, therefore we run in offline mode allowing both premium and cracked clients to join. Q: Who are the Owners of the server? A: The Main Owners of the Server are Evildevil1, rainbowPuke & NoFearzz . Q: What is the server about? A: Basically it's category is survival, so you'll need to fight of those bad creatures and start building your shelter to stay alive and even fight the big battles as like The Ender Dragon or you go for some other challenges such as The Nether. Q: Where can I PvP? A: There's tow areas that you can Pvp on, there's two arena's one is located near the soccer stadium and the other one is located near a parkour map. Also PvP is on once you go outside the ''Safe zone''. Q: How can I claim my chests, furnace's etc..? A: We have a plugin that is for noe usefull, you just put signs on your chests and on them type [private] and under private type your name. So it's locks your chest. Q: Can you grief? A: No. Q: How do I earn money? A: By Selling items at our shops located at the spawn point and also you can gather some money by winning our events. Q: How can I play the mini-games? A: If you'd like to play a mini-game feel free to ask an admin which and he'll give you permission to do so. There are a few games such as Pig Fishing, Spleef, Boat/Horse Race and a few more. Q: If you be along with a friend of yours and than you fight and one of you steal everything, what's gonna happen than? A: You can ask for a refund but with some agreements, that first he needs to check if it was true of not, if it was true than he'll retur a couple of your items but if you try and lie you'll be recieving two warnings. Q: Where can I post suggestions? A: You can post your suggestions on our forums, there's a section for it and also don't complain about the plugins if you'd like to make things better feel free to post a suggestions but if you come and complain and be rude and shit we're just gonna ignore you. Q: What can I donate for? A: If you ever like to donate for the server, you'll have to talk with Me ( Evildevil1 ) or rainbowPuke about it. After that we can offer you some stuff such as a V.I.P rank and you can get an amount of items and acces to cmds. Q: Where can I vote? A: Simply you can always vote here. :D  The Rules No.1: You cannot grief in the ''Safe zone''. No.2: You can't cheats or use any specific mod that grants you more power such as x-ray vision or any other type. No.3: You can't Spam/flood the chat. No.4: No Trolling/Insulting/Being Racist No.5: You can't scam players. No.6: You cannot impersonate players. No.7: You can't claim land into ''The Nether'' nor ''The End''. No.8: Never lie to admins nor Moderators. No.9: Don't ask for gamemode/admin rights. No.10: Don't bug or glitch abuse anything. Warning System: Basically we had a small meeting between admins to keep it safe as possible so we've got ourselves a small system. If you break any type of rule we'll be starting to give warnings, once you reach an amount of 3 warnings you may be given a temporarly ban or you'll be given the doubt of another chance. Unban appeals can be made here Recent Updates: - Plugin Update ( Admin Access ) - Shops - Fixed Price bug and the users that were abusing it have been reseted. Our City - Added Bakery , Soccer Stadium and another arena. - Updated Admin System - Updated Ranks - New spawn point Upcoming Updates: - Version 1.8 ( Probably it will take a while since bukkit are having problems, so we'll be waiting until everything's resolved )

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